Respect yourself and retire quietly ~ Cardinal Okojie blasts Buhari

Cardinal Anthony Okojie, the Archbishop of Catholic archdiocese of Lagos, has blasted President Buhari over claims that the he is set to run for second term.

Cardinal Okojie

President Buhari has not declared publicly his intention to run for a second term but there are indications that he might be seeking a re-election.

Okojie in an interview with The New Telegraph, said it is an insult on Nigerians for the president to be considering to seek a second term when he has failed woefully since assuming office.

“What has he done in the years he had been in the saddle? He has performed woefully; that’s the verdict of Nigerians. Let the president respect himself and retire quietly. Coming out to talk of 2019 is insulting not only to those who voted him to power but to all Nigerians. There are so many problems confronting the people and he should be thinking of what to do about them. For second term, he must be a joker. That is all I can say for now because I don’t want to dignify them with a lengthy statement. It is not worth it.”

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