Mother of the little boy in the controversial H&M advert says she sees nothing wrong with the advert

Terry Mango, mother of the little boy in the controversial H&M advert recently became the subject of a heated online troll after supporting her son who wore a hoodie with a message deemed as racist.

Terry Mango

The young lady who hails from Kenya but resides in Stockholm, Sweden has spoken and clearly doesn’t care about what people have got to say.

Taking to social media Mango said she saw nothing wrong with the ‘coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ message,and urged people to stop make a mountain out of it.

”Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modeled…..Stop crying wolf all the time,unnecessary issue here…Get over it.”She wrote.

Well, her sentiments did not auger down well with countless people across the world who launched a scathing attack against her, with some calling her ‘Mother Monkey’.

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