Trump may postpone visit to UK because the Brit’s didn’t show him enough love last time he visited

Donald Trump has reportedly cancelled an upcoming visit to the U.K. because, the last time he was there, members of the British government that came into contact with him didn’t show him “enough love.”


According to The Sun, Trump has enflamed his already-strained relationship with the United Kingdom because, in his mind, no one fawned over him as he would have loved on his previous journey to the country.

A U.S.-based source is claiming that 45’s administration is using an embassy’s location as a bogus reason to cover up why he’s really avoiding the trip. “He felt he had not been shown enough love by the British government,” the source said.

“He started to believe that the British government thought the same way about him as Sadiq Khan [the mayor of London] and Jeremy Corbyn [the Labour leader], who have made clear their disdain for him and said he is not welcome in the UK.”
Corbyn has done his best to add fuel to the fire after downplaying the importance of a relationship with Trump and the United States during a Sunday TV interview. “I am not sure anyone has succeeded in defining the special relationship,” he remarked.

“I was told by a former PM that if they specified what it was, it wouldn’t be a special relationship.” There’s no telling if the President will be rescheduling his trip or if he intends to give the Brits the cold shoulder indefinitely, but this surely does not mean well for US-UK foreign relations.

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