See the seating arrangements for 2018 Grammy awards


The seating arrangement for the 2018 Grammy Awards which is set to take place this weekend at New York City’s Madison Square Garden and has been revealed.


The most interesting part was that Jay Z and Beyoncé appear to have been given the best seats in the house. The couple are sat at the very front, right in the centre and so will have the best and closest view of the night’s proceedings. Not bad eh!

Well Ed Sheeran is there in the second row and he’s sat just in front of The Weeknd, behind Rihanna and Nick Jonas, right next to Alicia Keys.

Ariana Grande will be there too and she’s sat just up in front of Twenty One Pilots, whilst Sia is sat just in front of Lady Gaga and behind Jennifer Lopez.

Adele is in the mix too and her seat one row in front of Katy Perry and right next to Bruno Mars looks like it could be a decent position too.

Since people are desperate to find out who their favourite stars would be sitting next to for the evening’s entertainment on Sunday 28th January, here are some of the name cards below:


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