Mourinho says he is the best behaved coach in the EPL

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has declared himself the best-behaved manager in the Premier League.


Mourinho is notorious for his antics on the touchline over the years which has seen him clash with match officials and opposition club coaches.

But the Portuguese insists he is making an effort to improve his behaviour, although he admits he is not “perfect” yet.

“I am fully committed to win the award this season of the best-behaved manager on the touchline.
“I am serious!

“There are so many awards – performance of the week, manager of the month and this and that – they should give one (to) the guy that behaves best on the touchline and it should be the fourth official to vote.

“I’m pretty sure that I would win. I’m serious! I didn’t create one problem to one fourth official on a touchline, apart from my red card at Southampton when I put a foot on the pitch.
“I’m serious, I prepare myself, I’m really happy. I’m not free of losing my temper, my control in one match. I’m not perfect.

“I’m not going from the Bad One to the Perfect One, no way, but I try, I make an effort and I’m happy with the way things are going,” Mourinho told reporters ahead of Sunday’s Premier League game against Newcastle.

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