Cardi B comes for Trump’s proposal to arm school teachers

Donald Trump endorsed arming teachers with concealed weapons to prevent future mass shootings in the wake of the Parkland shooting which left 17 dead.

Cardi B

The proposal has generated a lot of criticism from lawmakers, parents, students, educators, and now Cardi B.

On Thursday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a couple of Instagram memes that took aim at Trump’s so-called solution to school shootings, while also calling attention to teachers’ low wages.

“Imagine a old ass female teacher bussing a burner,” she captioned the post. “This man really out his mind. America must be entertainment to other countries.”

Cardi also shared some words about the apparent lack of security at most U.S. schools.

“I remember getting search every morning in high school .Even parents who picked up they kids got searched.”

Days after 17 people, including 14 students, were killed at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Cardi posted a video in which she called on her fans to put an end to bullying. As she explains it, a simple act of kindness could prevent these types of tragedies.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of school shootings happening. The school shooter never looks like the jock, the cheerleader or the popular kid. It always looks like a kid that’s a little bit socially awkward and everything,” she said.

“I feel like one of the best ways to prevent these type of tragedies is to stop picking on these kids. Stop bullying these kids. The devil speaks to you the most when you feel helpless. Stop picking on them.” she said.

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