FIFA closes investigation into dispute involving Neymar and Barcelona

FIFA has revealed it has closed its investigation into the dispute between Neymar and Barcelona over an unpaid renewal bonus following the Brazilian attacker’s move to Paris Saint-Germain last summer.


FIFA stated on Friday, that they will not be taking the matter any further because the Brazilian has filed a “parallel [complaint] before different jurisdictions.”

Neymar originally made the complaint to FIFA in August, but in January, El Mundo reported that he had also filed a lawsuit with the Spanish courts against the Catalan club in relation to the same case.

“After having been made aware that, apparently, the same matter had been submitted in parallel before different jurisdictions by the same party, the FIFA administration informed the parties to the dispute that based on the long-standing and well-established jurisprudence of FIFA’s deciding bodies, it did not seem to be in a position to continue with the investigation of the affair.

“The proceedings were therefore closed for formal reasons,” a FIFA spokesman said.

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