Big Sean postpones “Unfriendly Reminder Tour” to focus on creating new music

Big Sean ended 2017 with his joint project Double or Nothingin collaboration with Metro Boomin. He then resurfaced in 2018, announcing his plans to go on tour as an antecedent to the next chapter of music he is about to explore and create.


After reflecting on all of the music he’s made in the past ten years, he came to the conclusion that a lot of his music did not get the true shine it deserved. As a result, he decided to revisit a lot of his old music in hopes that the impact of his influence will shine light on some of the hidden gems in his catalogue.

Utilizing a dope creative concept to allow for fans to create his set list for the tour based off of their favorites, Big Sean titled it the ‘Unfriendly Reminder’ Tour featuring Tee Grizzley, Playboi Carti, Shy Glizzy, and Gashi.

Until yesterday, Big Sean took to Twitter to announce postponing the ‘Unfriendly Reminder’ Tour. He stated:

Fortunately, such news means that new music from Big Sean is coming sooner than later. We’re looking forward to hearing the results that this new creative space breeds for his next chapter in music.

No dates have been released as far as when the tour can expect to officially begin. Stay tuned for more updates.

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