Lil Pump sued for leaving scene of Car accident

A man is suing Lil Pump for fleeing the scene of a car accident. The man was apparently injured and they left the scene knowing this fact.

Lil pump

The man claims that the accident occurred around 2:20pm on October 11th and he was driving a Nissan Pathfinder when a vicious crash happened between his car and a 2006 Bentley containing Lil Pump, his manager and a few other guys.

Documents obtained by TMZ stated that the man was pulled from his car by Pump and his crew, but then left the man on the road after being extremely injured and unconscious. Also, instead of insuring that the man was okay they proceeded to take out a large duffel bag and left that as they fled the scene of the car accident.

The man is suing for his injuries and even included Warner Bros., which represented Pump at the time of the crash.

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