Travis Scott claims The Weeknd’s upcoming album is ‘SCARY’

While Travis Scott has been teasing a new album, The Weeknd has also been rumored to be working on an upcoming project. The Weeknd’s latest album is highly anticipated after the wide success of his previous album Starboy.


It seems like both Travis Scott’s project and The Weekend’s project is slated to come through at some point this year. Travis in particular, has recently expressed his thoughts on Twitter about The Weeknd’s upcoming album, writing…

Travis’ message definitely increases the hype for his upcoming album and especially fans of the Weeknd’s darker and earlier sound. Travis also pointed out that it was like the Weeknd was discovering his voice again for the first time all over again.

The Weeknd and Travis Scott have worked together on various singles such as “Pray 4 Love” and “Wonderful” on Cactus Jacks’ latest release. The music will certainly express for itself if it leans towards The Weeknd’s earlier sound and fans will continue to anticipate this project.

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