Maybach Music CEO Rick Ross back home after being released from hospital

Rick Ross is officially back home after being released from the hospital, According to published reports, the Maybach Music CEO is now receiving care at his residence after spending 4 days in the hospital, two of which were reportedly on a machine to assist with breathing and heart functions.

Maybach Music

As previously reported, the rapper was in a Miami area hospital in the cardiac unit and has been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs after suffering from a heart attack on Thursday (Mar 1).

Paramedics were called to Ross’s home last week after the rapper was reportedly found in distress, breathing heavy and unresponsive.  The issue which was initially thought to be respiratory issues has reportedly worsened causing Rozay to be linked to an ECMO machine, a form of life support.

MMG associate Fat Trel shared an Instagram post on Saturday saying Ross was “good”, denying life support claims. Rockie Fresh also indicated that the TMZ report was inaccurate in a tweet.

This isn’t the first time Rick Ross has had a major medical issue, in 2011 he suffered 2 seizures on 2 separate flights and was hospitalized. The incident prompted Ross to change his lifestyle and diet resulting in a 100 lb weight loss.

Although many rappers took to social media to show their love and support, 50 Cent decided to keep the beef going by posting a picture of the fictional character “Ivan Drago” from Rocky IV. The picture is from the exact scene where Drago is standing over “Apollo Creed” staring at him as he’s dying before uttering the words, “If he dies. he dies.”

50 and Ross have had a longstanding, bitter feud, reaching levels of petty that were unbelievable, including 50 posting a sex tape of one of Rick’s baby mamas.

Although no word on if Ross has been cleared to full health, TMZ reports that he was released to receive care at home.

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