Ecologist warns against drilling boreholes around grave sites

An ecologist, Mr Richard Inyamkume, has advised Nigerians against drilling boreholes near graves, to prevent drinking poisonous water.


Inyamkume, who is the Senior Programme Officer, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Initiative (CCMAI), gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“There are implications for drilling boreholes in areas where corpses are buried.
“I think corpses can possibly contaminate underground water and pose health risk to human beings, especially if those who died had suffered from chronic diseases.

“It is very possible that contaminated water may transmit gastroenteritis or food poisoning syndrome for humans in communities where boreholes are drilled on sites that have dead bodies,” the ecologist said.

According to him, drilling boreholes is not a bad idea but has numerous implications to groundwater level and the environment.
“Boreholes do suppress groundwater as a result of the downward pressure that follows the drilling; so, it is not the best way to extract water for consumption.
“Again, because climate change impact is beginning to take tolls on water resources, boreholes should at this point be discouraged.

“Nigeria should revert to some traditional methods of harvesting rainwater and the use of reservoirs,” he said.

Inyamkume advised government to focus more on building dams across the country, describing such as a safer and more sustainable way of saving water during the rainy season for use in the dry season.
“Also, communities should learn to conserve rivers, streams and lakes that provide natural water.

“The public should be encouraged to collaborate with relevant agencies of government to take actions that will reduce indiscriminate drilling of boreholes and wells, because of its adverse impacts on the environment.

“But more important is funding water resources projects; funds should be channelled properly for the implementation of water resources projects across Nigeria, especially in arid regions,” he said.

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