Akon eyes the Oval and wouldn’t mind Mark Zuckerberg as running mate

It wasn’t a surprise when Akon revealed an elaborate vision for his hypothetical tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Anybody literally can eye the oval since Trump came in.


TMZ caught up with the singer at LAX on Thursday, and Akon also revealed his running mate of choice would be Mark Zuckerberg.

Akon added, “I would love to debate Donald Trump,” he told TMZ . As far as Zuckerberg is concerned, Akon said, “Cause sometimes I think it takes people from the outside that really see life differently to make differences.

Now in our president’s situation, as you can see he’s making a huge difference, but the question is whether the difference is positive or negative.”

Akon continued, “I think Trump would have been a great president if he made decisions for the people. If he was as passionate as his own interests as he is for the people, oh he would have made an amazing president.”

By the way, Trump isn’t the only government official Akon has a bone to pick with. He was previously pissed that his proposal to supply Puerto Rico with electricity , through his organization Akon Lighting Africa, was denied.

The organization provides electricity, through solar power, to multiple African countries.

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