Nas scores $40 million from investment in Doorbell company

Big names such as Jay-Z and Diddy have always made headlines for their entrepreneurial pursuits. Anyone who acquires a bag can get rich but how easy is it to maintain it? That is the difference between being rich and acquiring wealth, Nas is what we call wealthy.


The QB lyricist has been making money moves for a minute. But you might not have heard about them because his ventures are not always broadcasted.

Nas is currently one of the founding members of Queensbridge Venture Partners and has made several investments in big companies like Lyft, Dropbox, Genius and Seatgeek. Now it appears that he has made another right move with another right company.

In February, Amazon purchased a company called Ring, which creates and sells video doorbells. Forbes reported that Ring was acquired for a whopping $1.1 billion.

Nas raked in $40 million from the deal as one of the first people to invest in Ring. He also shares this success with Shaquille O’Nealwho has also invested in the company.

Securing the bag is not just important to a single person but for the generations that come after the person. Nas is definitely making moves to secure enough for his great-great-grandchildren’s future.

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