Football chairman confronts referee on the pitch with a gun after seeing goal disallowed

The chairman of football team PAOK, Ivan Savvidis went on to the pitch with a gun in his belt to protest over a disallowed goal during a match against AEK Athens.

Ivan Savvidis

AEK’s Spanish coach Manolo Jimenez said saw the firearm and claims to have heard Savvidis threatening the referee verbally.

‘We didn’t know if he had a gun, then we saw it,’ Jimenez told Cadena SER. ‘It could be seen that he was moving his hand towards his waist because he had a gun.’

Jimenez added: ‘He threatened the referee right in front of me. According to my interpreter, he told him: ‘You’re finished as a referee’.

‘I’m stunned; I don’t understand it. It’s the type of thing you expect to see in a Clint Eastwood movie.’

There was some confusion over the final score, with PAOK claiming on Twitter that the goal had been reinstated but the league’s website showing the score as 0-0.

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