Serena Williams sets to launch cosmetics line

Serena Williams just got back on the tennis court, gets beaten her sister and  it looks like the tennis champ is adding a cosmetics line under her belt.

Serena Williams

The athlete previously filed a trademark for “Aneres,” which is Serena spelled backwards, in 2003 for her discontinued clothing line, and again in 2016. But in late January, Williams once again filed a trademark under the same name. U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office documents reveal that “Aneres” features a wide range of cosmetics including skincare prep, make-up removing preparations, colognes, perfumes, body lotion, skin lotions, bath soaps and body wash. “Aneres” also offers make-up kits, and haircare products like shampoo, hair sprays, and hair gels.

Serena Williams will join the list of high-profile celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian to add a beauty brand to their name.

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