Steven Spielberg reveals he waits years before seeing his own movies

Steven Spielberg in a new interview with New York Times revealed he watches his movies belatedly.

Steven Spielberg

“I’m always moving really fast, and I don’t look back a lot,” he told the newspaper, “That’s why I don’t sit down and look at my movies on a movie screen after I’ve made them. Sometimes it’s years before I will even dare look at a movie again, and sometimes I’ll shut it off after five minutes.” Whatever Spielberg’s personal insecurities may be, his new film Ready Player One did very well at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. “I’m really too busy, both in my private life and in my professional life, to have a lot of time to dwell on success or failure,” the director said.

Ready Player One is set for release March 29. The screenplay for the big screen adaptation of the 2011 Ernest Cline novel was written by Zak Penn and Cline himself. Despite being set in a dystopian future, the book is rife with ’80s pop-culture references, as is the film. Spielberg said that he feels “a deeper responsibility to tell stories that have some kind of social meaning,” adding, “If I have a choice between a movie that is 100 percent for the audience and a movie that says nothing about the past—that resonates for me or elevates a conversation that might have been forgotten, like with Munich—I will always choose history over popular culture.

Even with all the popcorn in a film like Ready Player One, it does still have social meaning.”

Meanwhile, the director has a fifth
Indiana Jones on tap, as well as a remake of West Side Story.

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