Proven tips for eating alone

Eating out alone can be quite daunting and uncomfortable. You may have this feeling because you are alone as you have no one to talk or chat with. Hence, it might take a bit of bravery, but Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No 1 food ordering portal highlight some tips to help your next adventure for solo dining.

Eating alone

Avoid room service

While it seems quite luxurious to have someone bring food to your room, it can be quite lonely. It’s also easy to indulge in larger portions when you’re in solitude.

Eat at the bar

Sitting at the bar of a hotel or restaurant, you might find other people to chat with. At a hotel, you’ll likely find the company of other travellers while at a restaurant you might strike up conversations with locals. In either case, it’s an excellent way for eating alone.

Choose a nice place.

When presented with the prospect of eating alone, many people are not thorough in choosing a restaurant. There’s no way you’re going to enjoy eating solo if you visit a restaurant you don’t really like.

Time your dining well

Regardless of the fact that you turn up solo at a restaurant, try to dine a little before or after peak time. Because at peak times, the restaurant will definitely be filled out as such,  it may be unable to cope.

Set the table

If the table has already been set for two people then ask the waiter to take away the rest of the cutlery. It may mean the table looks a little bare but it’s better than people thinking you’re waiting for someone and been stood up.

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