Surprising ways to enjoy Nigerian jollof rice

Jollof rice is a delicacy that’s widely eaten in Nigeria. As such, Nigerians have devised creative ways to enjoy Jollof rice. In line with this, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platforms shares some of the best ways to enjoy Nigerian Jollof.

Nigerian jollof rice

Coconut jollof rice

Coconut jollof rice is one version of coconut rice made with coconut milk. To make this style of jollof rice, the rice is first pre-cooked with coconut milk and then stir-fried in a well-seasoned pepper-onion mixture. It is very tasty.

Pineapple jollof rice

Pineapple jollof rice is a mixture of pineapple and jollof rice. The pineapples are simply stir-fried with the pepper sauce before adding the rice.

Party Jollof

Party Jollof is literally the best type of Jollof in Nigeria because of its unique taste. A party is incomplete in Nigeria if there is no party Jollof.

Vegetable jollof rice

Jollof can also be made attractive and healthy by adding vegetables like carrot, green peas, green beans, and green pepper among others. Vegetable jollof rice is another jollof rice delicacy.

Baked jollof rice

Baked jollof rice is similar to party Jollof, only that, it is baked. The jollof rice sauce is first prepared and spread in a baking pan. The raw rice is then added to the sauce alongside chicken sauce and is allowed to bake until the rice is well cooked.

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