Relaxing activities you should do during your flight

Travelling has become an essential part of our life. Whether your travel is for business or leisure purpose, getting on board a flight is where most journeys begins. While vacations have the ability to rejuvenate you, the long haul flight trips do just the opposite. That’s where you need to get creative and keep yourselves busy to make the most of your trip. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlight some relaxing activities for your flight.

relaxing activities

Take a stroll

Every time you get restless, just take a stroll down the aisle to give your legs some movement. It gives you the perfect opportunity to really have a look at the massive aeroplane and would also distract you from sitting in place for the next few hours.

Strike a conversation with your flight mate

If you’re travelling with friends, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some deep and meaningful conversations with them. Also, the long flight journey gives you ample of time to plan out your everyday itinerary together. If you’re travelling alone, endeavour to engage in some small talk with the person next to you.  It will not only give you an insight into the place you’re travelling to but will also keep you distracted during the flight.

Take pictures

If you have a day flight you are sure to come across some really beautiful sights of clouds and if you have the chance to sit near the window, you can simply while away your time by taking pictures.


If you enjoy reading, you can pack a few interesting reads in your backpack for the flight. A book is one of the perfect ways to drown your worries and relax during the flight.

Eat and sleep

Sleeping on a flight can be difficult thanks to the cramped up spaces. Only a lucky few manage this difficult task. In between, you can eat. Just make sure you are eating healthy.

Watch your favourite series

You can start watching your preferred or favourite series and you wouldn’t be able to stop at one. This is why you should not forget to pre-load your smartphone with the series. Interestingly, some flights also offer in-flight wifi, you can take advantage of this to download the movies.

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