Uber reportedly settle with family of victim involved in fatal self-driving car crash

Uber has reached a settlement with the family of Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old Tempe woman who was killed by one of the ride-hailing company’s self-driving vehicles on March 18th, according to multiple reports.


The size of the settlement was not immediately known. An attorney for the victim’s family, Christina Perez Hesano, confirmed the settlement to NPR Wednesday night but provided few details. The agreement was reportedly reached with Herzberg’s husband and daughter. A spokesperson for Uber declined to comment.

Herzberg was struck late Sunday evening while crossing the street in Tempe. Dash camera footage released by police later showed Herzberg clearly visible in the path of the vehicle, as well as the safety driver glancing down, away from the road, in the moments before the crash.

The National Traffic Safety Board is investigating the crash and is expected to release a preliminary report in the weeks to come. Uber’s self-driving program remains grounded in the four cities in which it operates.

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