Apple set to unveil cheaper iPad this week


News has been circulating about Apple’s possible ventures into a more price conscious market. The products that may come out with a cheaper alternative include the MacBook and the iPad.


Although, the iPad has been confirmed for the price adjustment. Apple is set to introduce the new products at an educational event that will present new ingenious ideas for teachers and students.

Bloomberg News reported that Apple will be releasing the low-cost iPad, along with new educational software. The news of the release aligns with the stories going around that Apple wanted to reveal a $259 iPad to compete with Google and Microsoft that have had a hold on the U.S. education market.

It is a great opportunity for growth, because schools will go where the best tech deal is in order to aide teaching. The cheaper Macbook is also rumored to come in at a price range under $1,000 dollars and many believe the MacBooth Air model will be the one to be revamped. However, the new MacBook Air will not be revealed until later this year.

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