26 Time management tricks everyone should learn and master

Lifehacker is constantly testing new and unusual ways to get things done faster – from the “It Follows” horror movie method to the tried and tested Pomodoro Technique.

Time management


Sometimes though, all you really need in your life is some basic time-management advice. Here are 26 tricks that will help you get back on top of your life and work schedule.

The infographic below comes from Etienne Garbugli, a product and marketing consultant and author of Lean B2B. The lessons contained within represent everything he wish he had known about time management when first starting in the workforce.

Granted, some of these “tricks” are a little simplistic. Others could be dismissed warming platitudes. But there’s some real gold here. The importance of setting deadlines (and sticking to them), breaking big tasks into smaller chunks, taking the time to write down all your random thoughts – these are things that most of us should be doing more of.

Time management

You can check out Garbugli’s full list of time-management hacks below. For more detailed advice, check out our in-depth guide on the topic. Now stop procrastinating and get back to work!


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