Brymo, Nudity and Matters Arising

MANY Nigerians will never choose a SINGLE STRUGGLE, Whenever you say something, they remind you of your root, So, HEYA by BRYMO debuted and Brymo’s butt became a huge sensation for all the bad reasons. If we all remember the man that starred in the film “The gods must be crazy”.


I think that’s one of the untainted African cultures that Brymo portrayed. Believe it or not, he portrayed what some of the African cultures were before the  colonial masters came.


Besides, he is not the only person who has stripped to his groin in the Nigeria music scene. BURNA BOY, DBANJ and the evergreen, ever legendary FELA did same. Some people are only furious that he had to wear g-strings for the video. According to them , G-string is feminine. It also might not be a g-string he wore in that video. It looks to me like a loin cloth.

The video portrayed the untainted African man in the fullness of his essence. If it were not for the white men, we wouldn’t even see him and begin to say TUFIAKWA!

So, if your criticisms are not constructive enough, then do me a favour: shove it down your throat and let it digest.

How did we degenerate so much as a people? How is it that we do very little thinking but a lot of talking? Sign up for twitter and visit Nigerian trends. You will   be assailed by half-baked thoughts expressed in 280 characters by people who supposedly have a functional brain.

One of the issues that aroused nonsensically obtuse comments was that of a lady who was ganged-raped at a concert in Enugu.

I’m still talking about nudity, and I’ll show you how this links…

I greeted the news of the lady gang raped at a concert in Enugu with disgust. I was alarmed to say the least. More alarming was that many people have criticised her for going out to have fun that night. Some insensate, weak-minded folks said she deserved what she got. Other harebrained morons asked why would she dressed scantily like that.

We keep writing these things to explain to a lot of people that we chose what we want to happen to us as men.
Its clear that lack of the right education is the major bane to our development as a people.

We ought to study about precolonial igbo and how our great grandmothers wore worst outfit to go to such gatherings like the moonlight dance. This was basically done at night and the ladies who attended it wore jigida and loincloth with nothing to cover their breasts. Do you wonder whether men of those days ever thought of raping their women for dressing such

Well, it doesn’t seem to me like they did.

We would never agree that we copied this one from white people. Would we now?

You do know that some white men raped a lot of girls back in the day, right? Even the one that happened in Kenya where many ladies in a particular village were raped by Caucasian soldier and their husbands rejected them saying they have been defiled.

These ladies went and formed a placed called Umoja in Kenya where only ladies live there.

These white men raped many girls because the breasts they never saw before kept dangling in front of them as they came to Africa .They used their superiority to defile some of our girls and boys too.

The missionaries among them had to come with proper clothes for us to wear. I guess they did that so we could keep them from conjuring filthy images in their minds. Igbo men didn’t always have the mind to rape ladies who were partly unclad. I am saying igbo because this one happened in Enugu.

White men gave us clothes. We put them on and suddenly many of us began to yearn for what’s beneath the dress.

In this case, many of us who always scream we are Africans should remember that those ladies who were raped, dressed even more modest than our grandmothers and great grandmothers.

Here is the shocking part, Our grandfathers and great grandfathers never raped any lady who was partly unclad. Yes, they actually built strong self control through seeing nakedness all their lives.
We shouldnt justify what these guys did.

Even if she wore pant and brassiere to attend the gathering, you shouldn’t force her to have sex. Why not politely ask her if she needed it?

If she dressed that way to attract men for sex , then she might accept the proposal and you all could have fun as you wish without hurting anyone.

She probably might have worn pant and bra so she could get fresh air in the night hours…I am just saying. You can’t be too sure of someone’s intent. You are not ‘ominknowest”.

Anyway, we shouldn’t condone criticisms against nudity for whatever reason at all.
Many Nigerians have a pretty jaundiced view about what morality should be.

After learning about how partly unclad our great grandparents dressed, I stopped criticising ladies who choose to dress to show part of their bodies. I think westernization has succeeded in making us feel very uncomfortable when we see ladies who are partly unclad.

Oh well! What do I know? After all, I’m just an ordinary writer.

*Written by*
*Nwaegerue Chukudike*

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