The first trailer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Lifetime movie

Even though we haven’t seen the full Lifetime movie about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry yet, the first five seconds of the trailer, which dropped today, confirms fans obsession for this ridiculous romp of a movie.


We start with Party Boy “Prince Harry” (Murray Fraser) popping a bottle of champagne and lamenting about how un-fun married life is, like he’s a frat boy on his last day of college. “Kate Middleton” (Laura Mitchell) doesn’t take his shit, though, and basically says, “Dude, you’re a grown-ass man; it’s time to put down the keg and get hitched.” She also calls him Peter Pan, which is funny because they’re both gingers. Oh, and “Prince William” (Burgess Abernethy) is in this shot too, looking sad and British.


So “Prince Harry” gets his act together and meets “Markle” (Parisa Fitz-Henley), who’s American (gasp!) and divorced (double-gasp!). They have dinner together, pet a giraffe, and eventually get engaged after “Prince Harry” actually says, “To hell with tradition!” Yeah, Prince Harry! You tell the British monarchy that women are allowed to have human qualities!


Honestly, this is all just so good. The actress who plays Meghan Markle even sounds like Meghan Markle. When I close my eyes, I instantly think to myself, “Yep, that sounds like someone who Tostitos would cast in a commercial and then randomly decide to dub over.”

Watch the full trailer for yourself, below.

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