Censors Board declares next edition of BBNaija to hold in Nigeria

The Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board Adedayo Thomas, has declared that the next edition of BBNaija reality show be hosted in the country.

next edition of BBNaija

He said in an interview with NAN yesterday April 10th in Abuja, expressing his displeasure on why a Nigerian show be hosted in South Africa.

“If it is Big Brother Africa, they can host that anywhere; but the one for Nigeria should be hosted in Nigeria. Nigeria has what it takes to host the show; after all, there are many multinational/telecommunication companies hitherto operating hitch-free in the country. If the organisers are talking about lack of available infrastructure as an excuse, then how is MTN operating successfully 24/7 in this same country? If MTN, a similar South African company, has been surviving in this country, then I don’t think anybody has an excuse for not hosting BBNaija in Nigeria. They are making a lot of money from Nigerians here, so, we want them to host it here”, he said.

On the criticism in some quarters that the show is not healthy for young viewers, Thomas said it was the responsibility of parents to check what their children watch.

“A couple of the scenes are adult content and that is where parental guidance comes in. Parents can always block the watching of some scenes within a particular period or in totality. It is not government’s responsibility to assume the parental roles of moral upbringing of children in their homes,’’ he said.

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