Actress Amanda Ebeye says she prefers money to good sex

Nollywood actress Amanda Ebeye, in an interview with Saturday Sun made it clear that she prefers money to good sex, saying ‘Who has good sex helped?’

Amanda Ebeye

The Delta State-born movie star was asked if she would stay in a relationship where the man’s sex game is poor but treats her like a queen, she answered saying:

“As long as he has lots of money, why not? Who has good sex helped? Who cares when the shops are full of the right tools?”

She then was asked about her family’s reaction when they got to know that she was pregnant out of wedlock, Ebeye said she was old enough to make her decisions.

She said: “When I told my mother that I was pregnant, she simply made me understand that it’s my life, my decision and not hers. Luckily for me, I have amazing parents. I have done my obligations as a child. So, there’s really nothing to worry about.”

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