Justin Bieber reportedly punched a man who grabbed a woman by the throat at Coachella

Justin Bieber got into a physical altercation with another man at a Coachella party, according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber

The website reports that Bieber punched a man in the face and then threw him into a wall after the singer witnessed the man grabbing a woman by the throat and refusing to let go.

The alleged incident went down at a party Bieber was attending with his close friend, actor Patrick Schwarzenneger. Sources who were at the party say the man walked in, saw the woman (who some say appeared to be his ex-girlfriend), and “went ballistic.”

Per TMZ: “Justin and his friend started screaming at the guy to let her go, but he only screamed back ‘Go f*ck yourself’…maintaining his grip. At that point, Justin hit the man in the face and pushed him against the wall…allowing the woman to break free.”

The La Quinta Police Department told People that the woman said Bieber was “involved in this incident,” but added that no other witnesses have given statements confirming the singer’s involvement in the incident.

“Investigating officers responded to the residence where the alleged battery occurred but were unable to locate any witnesses or evidence of a battery,” the police said in a statement. “[The woman] declined to press charges for the alleged battery and had no visible injuries at the time of police contact,” they added.

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