Ghana asks mosques to turn down the noise and use WhatsApp for call to prayer

In a bid to curb noise pollution, authorities in Ghana want Muslims to use WhatsApp rather than loudspeakers for the call to prayer.

muslims in Ghana

In the capital Accra, authorities are seeking to deal with the racket caused by these places of worship — and mosques in particular.

Mosques are being asked to use mobile text or WhatsApp messages to call the Muslim community to prayer.

Ghana’s environment minister Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng said:

“Why is it that time for prayer cannot be transmitted with text message or WhatsApp? So the imam would send WhatsApp messages to everybody.

“I think that will help to reduce the noise. This may be controversial but it’s something that we can think about.”

The government says it is hopeful such a change could contribute to a reduction in excessive noise.

While some Muslim residents in Accra welcomed the idea, some of them rejected the suggestion.

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