Police explains why Alizee’s Danish husband has not been paraded

The Nigeria police force has come out to explain why the husband and alleged murderer of the late fast rising Nigerian songstress, Alizee and her daughter has not been paraded.

Parade Alizee's husband

According to the force, it is the usual norm as they are following due process because the man is not a Nigerian.

Edgal said the Danish Embassy was co-operating with the police, adding that the embassy provided legal representation for the suspect.

He said:

“I spoke personally with the ambassador apart from the official correspondence. They also arranged for counsel for their citizen so they are following the process very closely. We did not parade the suspect for obvious reasons. Do not forget he’s not a Nigerian and so, there are diplomatic connotations.

“This is a man being accused of first degree murder. So, it would have been wrong for the police who are going to prosecute him, to also begin to parade him before such prosecution. However, he was charged to an open court. We are concerned with ensuring that he is diligently prosecuted and justice is done.”

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