Concert Goers Threw An Object At Lil Wayne Again And The Rapper Threatens To “Shoot”

Lil Wayne is still not a fan of people throwing things on stage.

Lil Wayne
Last month, Lil Wayne became fed up with his fans throwing things on stage as he performed, telling them that his crew “don’t know who to shoot at,” so he would just leave if the madness continued.

The shenanigan continued at another Wayne concert, and the Young Money rapper laid the hammer down and went just as far, saying that his New Orleans shooters will use their guns if objects continue to be thrown on stage.

According to TMZ, the rapper was performing at the Cannabis Cup in Sacramento when he made the threat, ending his performance of “A Milli” short to warn his fans, “Y’all throwing stuff on stage, I don’t know if it’s love or y’all tryna promote something but I’m from New Orleans and we don’t know how to accept that shit. And I got New Orleans people with me and all they know how to throw back is ‘shoot.'”

Insisting that he doesn’t want to be responsible for killing anybody, Weezy urged people to stop throwing stuff on stage or he will take action. This is of course not the first time he has made a similar threat as, last year, Tunechi ended his live set after somebody threw a drink at him.

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