Cardi B Cancels Tour Due To Pregnancy

“A b**ch can barely breathe,” states a overwhelmed and very preggo Cardi B as she announces her last performance before giving birth.

Cardi B Cancels Tour

Cardi B announced she needs to take a break from performing as she is in the last stages of pregnancy via an Instagram video on Wednesday. Her and Offset of rap trio Migosare expecting their first child together.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer, 25, gave her fans notice as she said in the clip: ‘I wanted to make it clear and everything the Broccoli Fest will be my last performance… for um.. a little while… and everything.’

‘Because you know… shorty keep growing and I be looking like I be moving and everything but in reality… a b*tch can barely breathe,’ she added.

The Broccoli Fest is an annual Washington D.C concert featuring popular artists with this year’s lineup including Miguel and Nipsey Hussle.

‘I want to thank ya all for understanding. I’ll be back for the Bruno Mars tour and everything,’ she continued in the post.

“I just want to let ya all know that Broccoli fest will be my last performance and thank ya all I love ya all mother f*ckas…and make sure you keep checking out my album Invasion of Privacy. I can barely breathe now.”

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