Logic Lauds J Cole’s K.O.D Album

Logic has a lot of love for J Cole, During a recent interview with Power 106’s LA Leakers , Logic was asked about Cole’s latest album KOD. He had a lot to say.

Logic J Cole

“I texted him about it and told him all the stuff that I like took from it and what it meant to me, and how he had such a great message,” Logic said.

“But to me, it wasn’t like he was preaching his message—he was just saying it. And in many ways, I feel like he stylistically took some of these younger dude’s flows and flipped [them] in a much better, technical way with a real message behind it. And I just really respected that.”

He continued, “In a way, these things we’re brainwashed into liking—not that it’s bad, but just you hear it all the time, whether it’s streaming or the radio—[…] just these kind of lazy flows. It’s almost like [Cole] just took that and turned it on its head, and just gave it true substance, while teaching a lesson to a lot of the younger generation, at the same time. I thought it was genius.”

Logic has previously spoken about how much Cole means to him. During an interview with Hard Knock TV in 2017, Logic revealed how Cole gave him an uncredited verse and production for the end of Logic’s Everybody album cut “AfricAryaN.”
Logic had originally asked Cole to be on the song “Take It Back,” however Cole declined, telling Logic, “That’s your story. When I listen to that song, that is your story.” Logic asked Cole if he was willing to work on another record together. Cole then revealed that he had already written something after their phone call, which eventually became his verse for the last part of “AfricAryaN.”

J. Cole’s KOD , which dropped on April 20, is expected to debut at the No 1. spot on the Billboard 200.

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