Deadpool 2 Set For $150 Million Opening

Deadpool 2 is on a path to success. Variety reports the film is projected to bring in $150 million during its opening weekend in North America.

Deadpool 2

This would be nearly $20 million more than the original, which earned $132 million domestically before becoming the highest grossing R-rated release of all time. (It made $783 million worldwide.)

That’s not the only record the Deadpool team has to celebrate though. The Ryan Reynolds–led film broke Regal Cinemas’ 24-hour ticket presale record in four hours as well.

It’s not much of a surprise though, since the hype has been real. The sequel is slated to introduce the X-Force team before they get their own movie. This is confirmed to include Zazie Beetz’s Domino, Josh Brolin’s Cable, and of course Reynolds’ Deadpool.

Terry Crews and Lewis Tan also star in the sequel as Bedlam and Shatterstar, respectively, but have yet to be confirmed for the X-Force film.

As for Deadpool 2 , director David Leitch said this one will be leagues
better than the original. “We did our best to expand the action, and in a general sense, just make it bigger. In terms of the tone, and the fun and the DNA of a Deadpool movie, you’re going to get everything you expect and more,” he said.

The promotional team, outside of Reynold’s trolling antics, has been busy too. They’re launching two pop-ups ahead of the film’s May 18 release. The first will be at Brooklyn’s Alligator Lounge from April 26-28, then it’s over to downtown L.A.’s Slipper Clutch from May 10-12. The first will serve pizza; the second will serve chimichangas.

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