Iyabo Ojo reportedly almost died after butt enlargement surgery


Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo is reported to have almost lost her life after recently embarking on a buttocks enlargement surgery.

Iyabo Ojo butt enlargement

According to the report, the actress travelled to Turkey for a different purpose, then decided to have buttocks enlargement surgery before her return to the country.

The surgery seemingly went fine, but not until when the actress refused to come back to life. She consequently went into coma for 5 days. She was even feared dead at a point.

Read the report according to kemiashefonlovehaven.com below:

Of a petite frame, she almost lost her life in faraway Turkey, where she quickly went for the birthday party of one of her colleagues but later must have decided to have a ‘bum bum’ surgery.

What we knew was that she and her colleague, who is also a very good friend of hers, had gone to Istanbul Turkey for a party organized by one of their male fans for them. That was in February 2018 and they had a nice time. She flooded her social media handles with photos of the Turkey shindig.

Just before she returned to Nigeria , she must have decided to have a cosmetic surgery in Istanbul. For a body enhancement surgery, you would assume it was harmless and less complicated. But after the surgery, this actress was said to have fallen into coma for five days!

Kemiashefonlovehaven gathered that her friend who escorted her to the country was hysteric. The popular actress, who has featured in many Yoruba films and now appears in some English movies was almost presumed death until she came to and recuperated.
Though back now to Nigeria, she has soft-pedalled on activities.”

Who is she?

Well, maybe we start with her name. A Yoruba, her name is synonymous with reincarnation especially that of her mum. A mother of two teenagers (a boy and a girl) she is one of those who joined the bandwagon of Amala merchants in Lagos in 2017 and she is also into skin beauty and spa.

In 2017, our pretty actress was called out by a social critic, who is a daughter of a former governor in the south west, to have dated a pastor but the social critic ended up in prison. Lately, she has been called out by another English speaking actress who is bent on exposing her diabolical lifestyle.

This petite actress, who goes about town declaring she rose from grass to grace enjoys largesse from wealthy men and one of her ‘sugar daddies’ was a former minister, who helped serviced her kid’s school fees abroad.

Well, this actress hasn’t started flaunting her bum bum but we are waiting to see how huge her bum bum would look like now“.

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