Kanye West Releases Studio Footage Recording Ye vs The People

Kanye West took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to show fans the recording process with T.I. for his new track “Ye Vs. The People.”

Studio Footage

The edited studio footage shows clips of Kanye and T.I.’s in studio discussions about Donald Trump in light of Kanye’s recent public support of the controversial president.

Just like in the song, T.I. and Kanye go back and forth as T.I. tries to understand Kanye’s angle while expressing his disappointment in his approach while Yeezy tries to justify the reason he supports Trump and wears the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

“Your intentions from what you tell me are pure, but the direction that you took to get there is a bit unorthodox and kind of I would say, some people would say thoughtless,” T.I.P. tells Ye.

“When I wear that hat it’s like a fight for equality,” Kanye responds.

Kanye has long shown his support for Donald Trump ever since he met with the soon to be Commander-In-Chief at Trump Tower shortly after the election. It is only now that Kanye has gone all out by wearing the autographed ‘Maga’ hat, and taking shots at former President Obama for doing nothing to fix the rapper’s hometown of Chicago.

As for T.I., he’s been very critical of President Trump and has been vocal on social media about social issues relevant to black people such as mass incarceration and police brutality. Even after the two collaborated for the new track, T.I. is still somewhat distancing himself from Ye by reluctantly promoting “Ye Vs. The People” on Instagram.

We are now a month away from the release of Kanye’s 7-track LP that he said on Twitter would be released as part of a series of G.O.O.D. music dropping in June. Since the release date was announced, Yeezy has dropped two new songs (sort of). Before ‘Ye Vs. The People’ was released, Kanye trolled the hip-hop world with “Lift Yourself” — a song that starts out with a classic Kanye style sample and then turns into a hyped up “Whoopdity scoop” before the song ends.

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