Netflix to Acquire Comic Adaptation Series Produced By Michael B. Jordan and ‘Black Panther’ Co-writer

Failsafe is the latest title to be acquired by Netflix that comes from a comic book series, and the production team already has some major names signed on.

Michael B Jordan Netflix

According to Deadline, the upcoming series will be scripted by Black Panther’s co-writer, Joe Robert Cole, and Michael B. Jordan will be joining him with a producer role (and possible acting role as well).

The new series from Vault Comics was pitched shortly after the monumental success of Black Panther, and it seems that Netflix, hoping to capitalize on the high-demand superhero trend, has already managed to snatch the project up.

Vault Comics

Outlier Society Productions, Jordan’s production banner, will produce Failsafe along with the comic’s author, F.J. Desanto. The story follows “legendary insurgent hunter” John Ravane through a world of futuristic super soldiers that are re-activating and attempting to take over New York. Decades after Ravane believed to have eliminated the last super soldier, he realizes there are sleeper agents with nefarious plans for the city.

While Jordan is currently only confirmed for a producer role on the project, it’s said that he will make a decision on a starring role once the final script comes in, Deadline reports. The Killmonger actor received high praise for his Black Panther portrayal, and fans are surely eager to see him take on another role within the comic universe.

No word yet on when production will begin for Failsafe, but Jordan clearly has his hands full reprising his role in Creed 2 and handling various other products on the heels of his Black Panther performance.

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