A New Petition Is Urging Adidas To Drop Kanye West Following Controversial Slavery Comments

Kanye West is the most recent celebrity to be boycotted for recent controversy. His recent comments on slavery sounding “like a choice” was met with outrage, to say the least.


People can argue that he has the right to free speech and his opinion, however, he was pretty much stating false information on a major platform. Now, people are taking their boycott to a much more serious degree as they want Adidas to drop Kanye West and Yeezy entirely.

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand is one of the most successful clothing brands out right now but his personality is deterring people from even wanting to buy it.

A new petition on Care2 is urging Adidas to drop Kanye West and Yeezy. ‘Ye’s Yeezy brand was initially done as a collaboration with Nike before he went to Adidas for a much more promising partnership.

“While Kanye can live safely in his multi-million dollar castle, the rest of black America is continually marginalized and subject to unjust laws and treatment. Some even die because this behavior is so ingrained in our society,” the petition says.

“Kanye West has a right to free speech, and he has the right to spout lies and misinformation and misplaced opinions — but we as consumers have the right to fight back against this type of dangerous propaganda.”

At this point, Adidas has yet to make any statement towards Kanye West’s comments on slavery or the petition but we’ll keep you updated.

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