Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Case

Dr. Dre has been in an ongoing legal battle with an OB/GYN with a similar name.

Dr Dre

Dr. Drai is a Pennsylvania-based gynecologist who filed to trademark his name in 2015 as “Doctor Drai OBGYN & Media Personality.” The music mogul tried to pump the breaks on this motion, suggesting that it will cause a confusion considering their names sound exactly alike.

The gyno’s legal name is Draion M. Burch, additionally he has been going by Dr. Drai for years. He’s published books and made public appearances using his alias.

Ultimately, the trademark office sided with the medical doctor, saying that although Dr. Dre is well known, there isn’t enough evidence that people would be confused. Let’s be real, no woman is going to “The Chronic” rapper for a Pap smear.

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