Tekashi 6ix9ine Says He’s Featured On Kanye West’s Album

TMZ caught up with Tekashi 6ix9ine at LAX on Sunday, where he discussed his accolades, never taking a L, and his large entourage. “I win at every battle I get into, you know what I’m saying?” he told the cameraman. “How many Ls have I took? I haven’t took not one L yet.”


This statement is certainly debatable, but that’s not the topic of the matter right now. In the midst of his rambling, the self-proclaimed troll revealed that he will be featured on Kanye West’s forthcoming album.

The paparazzi brought up Ye’s album and before he can even get a question out, Tekashi interrupted him saying, “I’m on it! I’m on the album.” The reporter asked “You are?” in disbelief, just like many of us thought when we first saw the Brooklyn rapper spill this tea. “I swear,” the rapper said. “[Kanye] didn’t want me to tell y’all, but…” he said.

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6ix9ine’s credibility is certainly not valid, but Yeezy has been doing a lot of unbelievable things as of lately.

Kanye’s album is slate for a June 1st release, followed by a Kid Cudi joint project.

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