Williams Uchemba Set To Gift Cash To Needy Nigerians Living In The US

Williams Uchemba has said he be will giving out cash gifts to needy Nigerians  in Los Angeles through his Williams Uchemba Foundation.

Williams Uchemba Foundation

He made this known in a post on his Instagram.

“Through the @williamsuchembafoundation I have decided to give #200,000 to 10 Nigerians that are in critical situations and in dire need of funds to survive and by the grace of God see how many homeless people we can feed this week and every other week here in Los Angeles…I have come to realize that life itself is not worth living if you can’t help others have a better life and also understanding that we are blessed to bless others…The #givechallenge is not just a seasonal thing, it is a way of life that all humanity should embrace and live by..I strongly believe that no matter how little you think you have, you are still better than someone out there in the streets. If you can afford more than one square meal then you are in a good place to help someone else feed.. #givechallenge#seekfirstGodskingdom,” he wrote

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