Wale Drops Surprise 4-Track EP With Maybach Music

Wale is getting back on his independent grind as he drops his second EP this year — this one titled Self Promotion. Led by his early April single “Negotiations,” the 4-track teaser was released under Maybach Music Group and Wale’s independent imprint Every Blue Moon.


Fans have gotten used to the Wale who wrote poetry and displayed over the top lyricism to slow jams, but “relationship Wale” has been temporarily put on hold to re-display his dynamic, aggressive approach that landed him a deal with Rick Ross in 2011.

Wale noticeably uses two prominent Black athletes who as of late have been likened to each other in history, Muhammad Ali in the song “Cassius” and Colin Kaepernick in the track “Salary Kaep” to help curve the messaging in his music.

Ever since Wale and Atlantic Records decided to part ways, Wale has been lyrically pitching himself to labels as he looks for a new machine to get behind his next album. Wale started with the It’s Complicated EP that dropped in early march led by the “All-Star Breakup” track Wale released in time for Valentine’s Day and NBA All-Star Weekend 2018, an objectively creative move by Folarin.

Wale concludes the EP letting the fans know he’s getting back to the album. Wale has made it known that he is seeking what will be his third record deal to push the next LP and he’s been taking meetings. The likelihood of a Wale album this year is probably slim, but look out for upcoming updates on the rapper’s independent status.

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