British Scientist, David Goodall Ends His Own Life Aged 104

British scientist who regretted living to 104 years and opted for euthanasia, has died today in a Swiss suicide clinic. David Goodall travelled from his home in Australia to Switzerland, after deciding to terminate his life by euthanasia.

David Goodall

Dr Goodall died at 11:40 a.m this morning, medical staff confirmed. The suicide clinic was located in Liestal, near Basel, where Dr Goodall was administered the euthanasia drug.

A clinic spokesman said that he “had gone in peace”, as four family members and a friend stood by his bedside during while he ended his life – including his grandsons, Daniel and Duncan Goodall.

Dr Goodall most of his life in Australia, where euthanasia is banned, and travelled from his home to Switzerland to call an end to his life.

As his family filled out witness forms before the procedure, Dr Goodall asked: “What are we waiting for?”

Dr Philip Nitschke, who was by Dr Goodall’s bedside as he took his own life, revealed the scientist’s last moments to Mail Online.

Dr Nitschke, from pro-euthanasia Group Exit International, said: “It is the first time I have heard someone say it’s taking a long time when the drug is intravenous, but David was quite impatient for it to be over.”

Before the drug was administered, Dr Goodall was asked four questions by a doctor overseeing the procedure. Dr Goodall was asked to say his name, his date of birth and why he was at the clinic.

On the final question he was asked what would happen to him, he replied quickly: “I hope my heart stops.”

There was a slight hitch in the procedure when the 104-year-old was unable to operate a wheel that would send the lethal drug into his body. He could not twist the wheel and so doctors gave him a switch to flick and send the Nembutal coursing through his body. As soon as the switch was flicked, Ode to Joy began playing in the room. Dr Goodall closed his eyes and was certified dead by a doctor.

Dr Nitschke added: “He was a little impatient and just wanted to get on with it, but in the end he did get his wish. He was told it would be a peaceful death and it was. He had his sense of humour right up to the end. He was very pleased to hear the music.”

Dr Goodall will be cremated in Switzerland and his ashes flown back to his family in Perth, Australia.

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