IG User Calls Out Tonto Dikeh And Her Ex Husband Churchill For Allegedly Owing Rent And Property Theft

There was drama after Tonto Dikeh posted a “Nanite” post yesterday but the talented actress was able to handle the matter without causing more drama.

Tonto Dikeh called out

The IG user accused Tonto’s ex-husband Olakunle Churchill of allegedly owing rent in Ghana and that Tonto “Lives for the Gram”.

“Olakunle Churchill, stop running away from paying rent that you owe to a vulnerable widow and come and settle it and return everything that you took away from a house that was given to you and your @tontolet furnished to rent if you cannot afford to pay rent at plush Trassaco (in Accra), why not get something according to your pocket? You see the worst human being that I know stealing from a widow but trying to appear to live a luxury life on social media when you can’t even pay your rent. Return all the things that you have also stolen from the house, air conditioners etc and return the house to us the way you got it when you first rented… you and @tontolet are the dirtiest people I have met judging from the way you keep your homes yet you’ll come on social media to slay just for the glam, smh, pathetic folks. You’re an example of why Ghanaian home owners never want to rent their homes to Nigerian Cos not only do you destroy them but you also steal things that you even came to meet in the houses. Since you have called to show the location of the items you took away but have still not done do, better return and/or pick your calls to settle this issue. The issue you know is already at the East Legon Police Station. Don’t make us flag you at immigration to be arrested as soon as you ever set foot here again in Ghana. You pretend to be rich just to fool the media and the lame minds that follow you on social media yet you’re not what you portray @bigchurchhaven. Your life is built on lies and pretense, no wonder @tontolet divorced you when she found out you are less of what you claim you are. Stop living the fake life and pay your rent and return all that you’ve stolen from house.”

Tonto then replied:

Tonto further posted today; “THIS IS ME JUST BEFORE I HIT THE DEVIL ON THE HEAD••
#my name is KING TONTO,If you have any problem with my Anyone I know Or knew pls don’t contact me.. I do want to get involved in anyone bullHo l•• Work out your problems yourself!! Too happy to be dragged back into the pit With Rubbish!!

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