R. Kelly Accused Of Forcing Woman To Eat His Feaces

Tasha K, the woman behind unWinewithTashaK claims to have spoke with a woman, who says that R. Kelly “forced” her to eat his feaces.

R.Kelly feaces

A different woman filed a civil suit against R. Kelly, claiming that he gave her an STD which turned out to be herpes.

The woman who claims R. Kelly gave her herpes is a 19-year-old from a Christian home. Her father is a pastor and her mum is a real estate agent. She was starstruck when she saw R Kelly at a Dallas concert.

According to Tasha K, R. Kelly forced another woman to “eat his feces.” The woman in question in Dominique, who has been away from her family for 8 years. She is one of those who have been brainwashed and belongs to R. Kelly’s sex cult for young women.

Tasha explained, “They do it in Dubai, and now R Kelly did it too.”

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