Two Nigerians Sentenced By US Court Over Wire Fraud

Two Nigerians residing in Houston, United States, Idowu Olugbenga Temetan aka David Cole, 30, and Adeltilewa Olamigoke Afolabi Ikuejuyone aka Kuffour Duval, 36, have been sentenced to prison for perpetuating a wire fraud scheme.

Wire Fraud

It was gathered that the duo who were involved in various internet scam had between October 2013 and March 2014, used counterfeit passports to open bank accounts in the greater Houston area.

The passports contained photographs of Temetan and Ikuejuyone but used the aliases of David Cole and Kuffour Duval, respectively.

According to the United States Justice Department, they worked with others to lure victims into sending money into various bank accounts under their sole ownership and control. These funds were obtained through a variety of internet scams, including lottery scams and business investment scams. Checks or wire transfers were then sent from the victims’ bank accounts to accounts Temetan and Ikuejuyone controlled. Temetan, Ikuejuyone and their co-conspirators would then use the counterfeit passports to retrieve the fraudulently obtained funds.

The Nigerians, however, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud. Temetan also admitted to one count of passport forgery.

Announcing their sentence the U.S. District Judge, Sim Lake handed Temetan a 51-month sentence, while Ikuejuyone received a 45-month sentence yesterday.

Both defendants were also held jointly and severally liable to pay $187,422.60 in restitution. They are also expected to face deportation proceedings following their sentences.

The U.S Law enforcement further revealed that they were able to trace at least $4 million to victims that have been affected by this scheme and also traced the accounts into which the monies were being deposited.

The Department, therefore said Temetan and Ikuejuyone will remain in custody pending transfer to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility.

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