Cardi and Offset Sued By Fan Who Got Beat Up Trying To Seek For An Autograph

Cardi B and Offset are at the receiving end of a lawsuit after the Met Gala incident.

Cardi B and offset

Cardi B’s been involved in a serious amount of drama over the past week or so. Whether it’s her ongoing feud with Azealia Banks, beef in her DM’s with Nya Lee or altercations at the mall, she’s been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Prior to this, she had an issue with an eager fan who was seeking an autograph after the Met Gala which resulted in the man getting beat up. Footage surfaced of him essentially instigating his own attack and reports surfaced that he has a history of harassing celebrities.

Despite this, he’s still taking Cardi and Offset to court over the incident.
Giovanni Arnold, the man who got beat up, is suing Cardi B and Offset for the alleged beat down that occurred after The Met Gala, TMZ

In the report, he said that he was outside of The Mark Hotel shortly after 2am when Cardi came out and allegedly told him, “fuck outta here n*gga, I will slap the shit out of you.” He says that he “expressed disappointment with being ignored.”

He then claims that Offset, who was behind Cardi at the time, said, “Shut up, bro, before a n**** beat you out here.”

In the lawsuit filed by Daniel Szalkiwicz, Arnold claims he tried to defuse the situation but in a matter of seconds, three bodyguards jumped him. He claims he just lied on the ground to try and protect his body instead of fighting back.

He later went to the hospital and said that he suffered from injuries to his face, neck, back and his body.

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