Spotify Reportedly Set To Reconsider Anti-Hate Content Policy

XXXTENTACION will likely be back on RapCaviar for your listening pleasures.

Spotify found themselves in a very divisive position over the past few weeks after implementing their “Anti-Hate Content Policy.”

The new policy, while done with good intentions, caused an uproar among the music industry. XXXTENTACION was one of the several acts to get their music cut from Spotify’s editorial playlists which ultimately caused his streaming numbers to decline.

Since then, Punch from Top Dawg, 50 Cent and several others have spoken out against their new policy. Clearly, they’ve heard the complaints and a new report says they’re looking into changing it.

According to Bloomberg , Spotify’s latest “anti-hate content policy” might change after the recent outcry. After receiving several complaints, including one reportedly from
Kendrick Lamar ‘s spokesperson, voiced their frustration on the matter and how many people aren’t happy within the music industry aren’t pleased with the policy.

In addition, there’s also been rifts inside of the company because of it. There’s been fear of losing support due the policy to other rival companies such as Apple Music and Amazon.

Their sources, “people with knowledge of the matter,” claim that they will eventually add XXXTENTACION’s songs back to the playlist.

Spotify’s executives have reportedly been speaking with music industry folks and civil rights activists on how they’ll end up finding a middle ground that upholds their moral standards and works for people in the industry.

In addition, head of artists relations, Troy Carter, reportedly told associates that he was going to leave Spotify after the incident. However, with the assurance of CEO Daniel Ek that the policy will change, Carter has since said that he’ll be staying with the company.

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