21 Savage Says Amber Rose “Would Be Dead” If She Had Cheated On Him

Amber Rose didn’t cheat on 21 Savage because, if she did, she wouldn’t be here anymore.

21 Savage

Yesterday, news broke out that Amber Rose had cheated on 21 Savage with one of his friends, leading to their break-up. As the two were so public about their love, the split was somewhat surprising.

Amber has spent the last few months proclaiming her love for 21 during interviews and on social media in what some believe is an attempt to win him back.

While we’ve already heard from Amber regarding the allegations, Savage had remained silent until recently, catching wind of the story on DJ Akademiks’ Instagram page. Calling “fake news” on the cheating scandal, 21 commented back, ending the speculation once and for all.

Found lurking in the comments section, 21 showed up to dispell any rumors that he was cheated on and he did so in extraordinarily savage fashion.

The rapper responded to DJ Akademiks’ repost of our report, writing, “dats cap she would be dead,” adding laughter emojis and implying that he would have taken much more drastic measures than simply breaking up with her. With Amber saying that she’s never been unfaithful to any of her exes and 21 now shutting down any rumors of her infidelity, it’s pretty safe to say that their split was not due to any cheating incidents.

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