Deadpool Set To Make $350 Million Opening Weekend


Deadpool is slated to have another successful opening weekend.

Deadline reports Deadpool 2 is projected to open with $305 million to $350 million in the international box office.

If it happens, it would earn Deadpool 2 nearly half of 2016’s
Deadpool’ s total international gross of $783 million. It could possibly surpass Deadpool ‘s domestic earnings ($363 million) as well.

That’s one helluva come-up for the Merc with the Mouth, especially since the film is being released without a holiday boost this time.

Earlier projections also had the film pegged to rein in $150 million in North America. It seems this is still the same as Deadline notes Deadpool 2 is projected to earn $130 million to $150 million in North America and $175 to $200 million overseas.

If you remember, Deadpool made major waves as it became the highest grossing R-rated film to be released in February. If Deadpool 2’s projections are correct, it’s likely to happen again for May. The Matrix Reloaded holds the spot for the highest grossing R-rated film released in May with a domestic box office opening of $91.7 million.

It’s not much of a surprise though. Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the slick-talking vigilante, has been putting in work in promoting the film.

He released an uber-ridiculous music video with Céline Dion and sang Annie ‘s “Tomorrow” in a unicorn costume on South Korean singing competition show,
King of Mask Singer. It’s also earning great reviews including one glowing one from the Deadpool co-creator, Rob Liefield.

Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18.

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